❝I’m getting a bit annoyed with those who praise our previous escapades as an excuse for forcing us into even riskier ones.❞

--Locke Lamora (Red Seas Under Red Skies)

I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that all those The Libertines gigs are(hopefully o.o!) happening soon. Like soon soon. I must dedicate the whole upcoming weekend for preparing and packing, won’t have much time any other day before it all kicks off.


excuse my terrible English in George the Fish post, that’s what always happens when I decide to change the beginning of the sentence after finishing the end


A 10-year-old pet goldfish named George prepares to go under the knife to remove a life-threatening tumour at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

The 45-minute long procedure was performed by vet Tristan Rich who described the operation as ‘fiddly’. The fish was sedated by water laced with anaesthetic and once the tumour was removed the wound was sealed with tissue glue followed by antibiotics and painkillers.

Picture: REUTERS/Lort Smith Animal Hospital (via Pictures of the day: 16 September 2014 - Telegraph)

Apparently George can live 20 years longer now if no other health related thing becomes an issue


hey people of tumblr does anyone of you live or know someone who lives in Copenhagen and could host me for a few nights this weekend? i offer cookies and/or beer in exchange also if anyone is going to the Libertines concert there let me know i am going with loveandpoison :) thanks a lot!