05/10/2014, Düsseldorf
Oh Carl

Just noticed something funny when going through my videos. The first gif is from my video(Brussels), Peter’s adjusting the mic and Carl walks towards him just before 2nd verse of The Good Old Days, and then that happens. I could swear Carl made a joke there about the previous night’s facial assault :P

01/10/2014 Brussels
The quality of this makes me weep(that’s the case with 90% of my tour photos) but such a sweet hug, this one. And the roadie basically makes this photo.


the thing with The Libertines is that their melodies, tone, rhythm, lyrics are all so finely tuned to indirectly describe the London they found and the London i crave so badly. if they hadn’t sung a Bb in a bar or not used the ride cymbal or not punctuated a certain syllable in the way they did then their music wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful as it is. it’s genius poetry with more language than spoken words. 

To get there… you combine the music with your mind and the London you find, when the sun rides low, shadows grow long and there’s promises scattered on every street, and it is indeed a thing of beauty.

This looks so funny. What a great battle feels good to be alive and soaked in blood dirt and probably someone else’s bodily fluids geez I’m knackered here want an arm ring?

❝Three o’clock. Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.❞

--Jean-Paul Sartre (La Nausée, 1938)


By Angela Rizza. | via Tumblr στο We Heart It.

❝carl barat kissed my libertines wristband and after that I cried my eyes out❞