Brett Anderson of Suede in his room circa 1993

Oasis + the alphabet

A photo I took last week.

Going through a box of old photos.. here’s Noel Gallagher and Chris Martin, 2002 Astoria London

One thing that is really nice about Finland and the weather here currently is the amount of swimming I can do. I’m just like damn it’s a bit sweaty and then I’ll pop outside and walk 2 or 10 minutes, depending where I am and jump into a lake. yeahhhhh.(it’s extra nice if the sun is setting and everything’s very pretty)

Such a lovely weather here :)

Finland bound. Flight to Helsinki, coach to Tampere. If you’re over there let me know!

Was told we’re headed into the forest almost immediately though, not sure about my internet access there… So might not post a lot for a while!


"In The Libertines people never stopped hugging me. I’m pretty good at hugging, actually; the five-year-old in me throws himself at it as if it’s salvation." - Carl Barat (Threepenny Memoir: The Lives of a Libertine)

Bless him. He’s an excellent hugger, too