The Libertines - Benicàssim Festival 2014
154MB, mp3 320kbps

Original audio recorded from a radio broadcast by concerninghumans, big thanks!

01. The Delaney
02. Vertigo
03. Campaign Of Hate
04. Time For Heroes
05. Horrorshow
06. Drum interlude
07. Begging
08. The Ha Ha Wall
09. Music When The Lights Go Out
10. “Any requests?”
11. What Katie Did
12. Boys In The Band
13. Can’t Stand Me Now
14. The Boy Looked At Johnny
15. Last Post On The Bugle
16. The Saga
17. Death On The Stairs
18. Don’t Look Back Into The Sun
19. “Why don’t you tell the king?”
20. Tell The King
21. The Good Old Days
22. Albion
23. What A Waster
24. Up The Bracket
25. I Get Along

Note: There were some quality issues in the recording during The Saga and Death On The Stairs. Also there was a DJ thorough the gig talking between the songs and I did my best removing him from the audio files. A few short instrumental interludes and such are missing because of this, if you want to get them too then check the original recording.

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