I don’t understand what is going on here

Let me love you

So basically about the only music you hear in our neighbourhood is either rap blasting from the windows of the cars driving by, my house mate listening to some crazy jungle or the peeps next door playing this confusing mix of ethnic music… but just now as I was in the shower I had to open the window properly and stop to listen because there was a faint echo of WATERFALL BY THE STONE ROSES

I felt like dashing out of the shower, stark naked, to the direction of the music shouting LET ME LOVE YOU

I think my favourite thing about this photo is John’s “wth…” face, with zero concern for Edward’s physical well being.

Fareham 29th Sept ‘13

Jedward UK tour was SO GOOD AND SO MUCH FUN :D <3

Now I’m gonna go through my photos and videos and see whats postworthy(initially feeling none, seeing the quality of most photos on tumblr o.o)

It always baffles me a fair bit that there always seems to be these student types or other highbrows who are absolutely convinced Oasis and the Gallaghers are the most overrated thing to come out of UK music and must be fought against at all costs



They’re not overrated. If anything they’re underrated, but I’m not gonna fight for that to be fixed because there’s just no point. See, those who love Oasis don’t rate them, they appreciate and love them. And those who rate music very, very rarely overrate Oasis.

If you love gingerbread biscuits…

just for your information many Lidls in the UK have them for a really cheap price and they’re the best sort like thin and proper Nordic made(Sweden) nomnomnom. Might be gone soon since their Nordic food theme week was over a while ago already.

How the British people make friends?

It’s a bit confusing to me. And don’t say “we don’t lol” because I’m fairly sure most of the population has them.

On Sunday +11c

Weather y u so crazy :o

It was like +28c two days ago phew.

Will everyone stop freaking out about Young Love being out in Ireland+Germany before UK? BECAUSE:

In UK album release date is always MONDAY.

In Ireland and Germany it is a different day of the week. Obviously the album won’t come out in UK before Ireland, so it will be the next Monday after Ireland’s date.
ALL albums in UK are always released on Mondays and that is because of chart reasons.

Will everyone please stop freaking out and whining about how UK gets no love, it’s nothing to do with who deserves it most(everyone equally much!), it’s just the way it is in UK, ALL ALBUMS ARE RELEASED ON MONDAYS.

This place is like a mile away from my place and I’ve always wanted to make a brit pop pilgrimage there but IT’S CLOSED. SDfdsf.